GRT Enviro Soil Binder & Erosion Control is an organic soil conditioner based on a water-soluble polymer. This product can be added to irrigation water to reduce soil erosion by agglomerating fine particles that otherwise would be carried away by surface water runoff.


GRT Enviro Soil Binder & Erosion Control can be applied in either powder or liquid form. The powder form can be spread on the soil before irrigation while the liquid form can be dosed into irrigation water or sprayed on the surface. To reduce cost and improve effectiveness it is recommended to use GRT Enviro Soil Binder & Erosion Control in liquid form.

The product is locked in the soil within approximately 30 minutes after application and no product can be detected in runoff water.

Product can be applied again when soil properties diminish. If applied properly, this product is effective from 4 to 8 weeks depending on agro-climate conditions.

GRT Enviro Soil Erosion Control is manufactured to ISO9001 standards and has been comprehensively reviewed by leading independent testing institutions and major companies worldwide.

GRT Activate Benefits:

Sediment reduction of up to 95% by increasing cohesion between soils particles

Improves water infiltration and conserves soil porosity

Reduces leaching of nutrients and pesticides in the runoff water

Reduces soil crusting and improves germination rate of crust-sensitive plants

Is cost effective, as desirable outcome can be achieved using small quantities

Reduces water loss due to lixiviation and water runoff

Reduces irrigation frequency and saves up to 30% water

Reduces water turbidity

Improves germination rate

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